Care is not just a job, it’s our purpose.

At Divine Home Care we incorporate the points of our mission into every choice we make, every interaction we have and every client we assist. Our purpose is to assist you to live YOUR life, YOUR way in YOUR home.



Divine Home Care’s mission is to deliver excellent, quality care to our clients, have strong commitment to our community, and care with cultural humility.


Divine Home Health Cares vision can be defined with a simple acronym for the letters D-H-C.

The D stands for DELIVER Excellent Quality Care to our clients. This means that Divine Home Care always strives to provide the highest level of compassionate and qualified care to our clients, and continually expands the knowledge and skills of our care team to ensure customer satisfaction, safety and improved quality of life.

The H stands for HAVE strong Commitment to our Community. Divine Home Care's unparalleled dedication to our community is shown through our continual support of local programs, building senior community relationships, and charitable contributions.

The C stands for CARE with cultural humility, mind, body, heart and soul. Divine Home Care's California foundation is built on honoring and embracing each individual, and we will continue to deliver a service driven by compassion and respect.

Our vision has, and always will be, to assist you to live YOUR life,YOUR way in YOUR home.
Welcome To DHC


Divine Home Care opened its doors in 2007, under the entrepreneurial leadership of Robbin Beebe. The journey is one of perseverance, motivation and divine timing.

Robbin began her healthcare journey in 1986 in Kansas City, Missouri. Her “mid-west” work ethic, obtained from hard-working parents, propelled her to move up the ladder from a customer service position at Foster Medical on to a successful Sales and Sales Management career.

Along this journey Robbin found she was particularly drawn to her senior clients. Their stories, their passion for their families, and their passion for life. Even the sometimes grumpy clients were endearing. As the healthcare industry evolved, so did her career. Her journey involved transferring to multiple cities and facing new challenges. Through it all she still carried that work ethic, passion for learning and love for the senior community.

In 1999, a career opportunity brought Robbin to beautiful Northern California, a place that instantly felt like home. She was recruited by a private-duty care agency in 2002 to open and manage offices in the Northern California territory. After a sudden closure of the care agency in early 2007, Robbin’s favorite quote: ‘Action creates motivation’ ignited a dream-chasing adventure. It was the perfect opportunity to fulfill her long-time desire of business ownership. Utilizing her past 3 decades of experience in healthcare, and her 10 plus years of community senior advocacy in the Bay Area, Divine Home Care was born. “ We have an obligation to take care of our seniors, and I am honored to be a part of this historical time in these generational trail-blazers’ aging years ".

Since Divine Home Care’s conception, the focus has always been on helping individuals, specifically seniors, live their life, their way, in their homes. Our ultimate goal is that our clients’ lives are better because of our services, and we share the same culture with our care team.

We want every life that we touch, whether it is a client, a family member, or an employee to know that Divine Home Care cares.