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Divine Home Care prides ourselves on providing the highest level of care, but beyond that we also strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to ensure our services are seamless and stress-free for you, our customer. Not only do we want to make your experience personalized and easy, we also make our team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our DHC Management Team
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Robbin Beebe, CEO and Founder

Divine Home Care opened its doors in 2007, under the entrepreneurial leadership of Robbin Beebe. The journey is one of perseverance, motivation and divine timing.


Robbin began her healthcare journey in 1986 in Kansas City, Missouri. Her “mid-west” work ethic, obtained from hard-working parents, propelled her to move up the ladder from a customer service position at Foster Medical on to a successful Sales and Sales Management career.


Along this journey Robbin found she was particularly drawn to her senior clients. Their stories, their passion for their families, and their passion for life. Even the sometimes grumpy clients were endearing. As the healthcare industry evolved, so did her career. Her journey involved transferring to multiple cities and facing new challenges. Through it all she still carried that work ethic, passion for learning and love for the senior community.


In 1999, a career opportunity brought Robbin to beautiful Northern California, a place that instantly felt like home. She was recruited by a private-duty care agency in 2002 to open and manage offices in the Northern California territory. After a sudden closure of the care agency in early 2007, Robbin’s favorite quote: ‘Action creates motivation’ ignited a dream-chasing adventure. It was the perfect opportunity to fulfill her long-time desire of business ownership. Utilizing her past 3 decades of experience in healthcare, and her 15 plus years of community senior advocacy in the Bay Area, Divine Home Care was born. “We have an obligation to take care of our seniors, and I am honored to be a part of this historical time in these generational trail-blazers’ aging years.”

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Aime Boekhout, Digital Media Strategy Manager

Aime graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. degree in Recreation Management in 1999. Aime has a background in event planning, sales, marketing and advertising. Aime is coordinating digital media efforts for Divine, including social media, and is excited to share the vision of DHC with current and prospective clients and their families. In her spare time, Aime coaches rugby at ASU and enjoys spending time with her family.

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Barbara Robacker, Director of Business Development

Barbara Robacker’s experience as a senior advocate and community educator encompasses a wide spectrum within the medical arena, including her executive positions held in Home Health Care, Hospice, and Senior Advocacy. Her leadership is integral in DHC maintaining a close relationship with our community, and organizing and guiding our constant involvement in local give-back programs. “I have a passionate, genuine interest in the care of seniors. It is my commitment to see that seniors have the resources they need to improve the quality of their life and remain in their home where they are most comfortable.

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Christopher Baldivid, Director of Human Resources & Staffing

Chris has a diverse professional background as a personal assistant, real estate agent, vault manager, operations manager and is now DHC’s Director of Staffing Coordinators. He holds a B.A from Life Pacific College and an M.A. from Azusa Pacific University. Chris is always striving to improve himself and invests in the people that work around him, believing a sign of a good leader is how individuals perform their responsibilities in the leader’s absence. Chris is an avid Angels and 49ers fan.

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Candice Hicks, Career Development Supervisor

Candice has held several positions in the administrative field as well as caregiving over the course of her career. She has over 14 years of administrative, 16 years of childcare and 3 years of caregiving experience. Candice is fluent in American Sign Language and loves family, music, travel and fashion. Her greatest accomplishments have been raising her 3 boys, putting God first and always striving to reach her goals in life.

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Dana Ross, Staffing Coordinator

Dana’s professional career  includes experience as an Assistant CNA Instructor, Staffing Coordinator, Nurses Registry Coordinator and also a Graphic Designer.  She prides herself on her public speaking skills and her problem solving ability.  Dana has amazing commitment to clear communication, team work and looking at things creatively.  In her personal time, she enjoys writing, fine art, music, exploring small coastal towns, and spending time with her family.

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Dmitri Ostromuhov, Community Liaison

Dmitri has worked in marketing and sales as well as business development for various healthcare companies for the past 8 years.  He has also worked at UCSF and SF General Hospital in the Emergency Department. Dimitri has a Bachelor of Science in Language Interpretation and Translation. He loves horseback riding, camping, foreign languages and is a proud owner of an 18 pound cat!

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Gilda Coleman, Attendance Manager

Gilda was a production specialist in the manufacturing business for 25 years before starting with DHC from its inception. Her purpose at Divine is to ensure that our employees are timely, and provide support for our internal Staffing Coordinators.Gilda’s personal time involves family, friends, and her passion of reading books, especially mysteries.

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Kay Manaligod, Office Manager

Kay was born and raised in the Philippines and came to the US at the age of 23 to pursue her dream of helping & caring for not only herself, but her family, community and seniors.  She has dedicated herself to ensuring seniors are able to age, in place, with dignity and comfort. Kay earned her BS in Industrial Engineering from Maupa Institute of Technology and has her HR Certificate from City College of San Francisco.  She loves arts, crafts and DIY anything as well as going to the gym, hiking, singing and dancing.

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Lygia Byrd, Quality Assurance Associate

Lydia’s background is quite vast and impressive. She is a highly skilled home care provider; has 20 years experience as a therapist, barber, esthetician, and Executive & Legal Assistant; as well as vast experience as an ISLS Instructor, Care & Activities Coordinator and Prayer Chaplain.  She graduated Chabot College with an Associates in Liberal Arts and has developed and facilitated personal empowerment workshops for youth, ages 10-13. Her personal interests include quantum physics, mind body and spirit connection as well as hiking, dancing and writing.

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Mary Melot, Director of Operations

Mary Melot graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business and Communication. Her passions include entrepreneurship in business, marketing and customer service. As the Director of Operations her goal is for DHC to continue to be a local leader in the home care industry. “My job is to make sure our employees’ and customers’ experiences are of the highest quality and seamless, meaning that you experience the Divine culture and our services with ease, simplicity and confidence.

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Monica Stidham, Office Manager

Monica has a background in the medical field, working in the dental profession for 16 years.  She prides herself on giving excellent customer service and making clients feel comfortable.  Monica loves spending time with her family, traveling to new places to experience other cultures and crafting.

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Raven Whyard, Start of Care Concierge

Raven, a previous DHC Employee of the Month, has worked as a personal assistant, care giver and is now a start of care concierge.  Raven was a care giver for 6 years and has training in health & safety, CPR and First Aid.  Raven loves spending time with her family, spending time by the water and she loves cooking (she’s a huge foodie).

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Roslynn Briley, Flex Caregiver

Roslyn has held many positions in the senior care industry.  Her experience includes being a Companion, Caregiver, Advocate, Flex Caregiver and a Human Resources Assistant.  She used Divine Home Care’s services to aid in the care of her mother and after she passed, she realized she enjoyed the experience and joy of caring for her and decided to pursue it as a career.  Roslyn has her BS in Management, along with substantial experience in the Home Care industry. She loves camping, playing with her dog, bowling, sewing, blowing glass and swimming, as well as spending time with family and friends.

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Roxana Cruz, Executive Assistant

Roxana’s professional background includes being a C.N.A., office manager, and now offers her management and organizational skills to DHC as an Executive Assistant. She understands and lives the Divine culture from her vast experience at DHC, and has even won the coveted Divine Employee of the Year award. Roxana considers herself a “successful so far!” mother and an overall easy going and happy person. Her personal interests include her daughter, family, friends, music and the gym.

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Seona Alcoran, Staffing Coordinator

Seona has 3 years experience in the healthcare field (and growing!) and is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  She has a background as a phlebotomist, dialysis technician, medical assistant and caregiver.  Seona is the proud mother of a baby boy and likes outdoor activities like hiking  and rock climbing.

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Shernal Prasad, Billing & Payroll Clerk

Shernal has an expansive work history including AP/AR and HR as well as Office Administrator and Manager.  He has 6  years (and counting) in accounting and is currently pursuing his bachelors degree in Business Administration.  Shernal considers himself to be proactive, ambitious, responsible, hard-working, dependable, trustworthy and he works well with others.  When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and is a hardcore 49ers, Warriors and Giants Fan!  

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Shiphrah Drake, Staffing Supervisor

Shiphrah, who has been in child care, an admin assistant for a non-profit, a sales associate and then a caregiver has devoted most of her life to caring for others. This wife and mother of 2 has volunteered for inner city youth programs considers herself responsible, reliable and creative and she is extremely passionate about keeping the elderly in their homes. Shiphrah has learned many cultural dances from the traditional hula to West African dance and enjoys outdoor adventures, cooking and entertaining.

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Valerie Nash, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Val’s extensive resume, including work as a C.N.A., Workshop Coordinator, In-Home Care Giver and Staffing Coordinator, has been integral in her current role as our Quality Assurance Coordinator at Divine. She has a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA and has a knack for problem solving in creative ways and anticipating issues that may arise. Val loves spending time with her husband and son, and doing outdoor activities.

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Wendy Roa, Staffing Coordinator

Wendy has a background in medical records, working the front desk as well as social services.  She earned her BSN in Nursing the Philippines.  Wendy loves spending time with her family and cooking with her own recipes.  She also loves to travel and explore!