Tuck-in Care

What is Tuck-In Care?

Tuck-in care is typically an Hourly Home care plan to assist with nightly routines and activities. Tuck-in care shifts can range from 3 to 5 hour shifts directly related to the needs of a client during their evening/night schedule. Some clients may not be ready for full-time care but might just need a little bit of extra help ending their day and tuck-in care may be the perfect solution.

Is Home Care for Me?
DHC caregivers will assist our clients with evening / night activities, which may include bathing, personal grooming, dressing, meal preparation, incontinence care, assistance with medication, and much more. The benefit of tuck-in care is that your loved one can remain in their home with continued independence, while receiving the support necessary to maintain their evening/night routine and independent lifestyle.

What is the difference between rise & shine and tuck-in care? As mentioned above, tuck-in care provides care specifically focused on evening/night time routines and activities. However, rise & shine care is specifically focused on morning routines and activities.DHC can provide one or both of these services to the same client depending on their specific care needs.