Our Clients are Our Priority

We’re Divine for a great reason – it’s the passionate care and quality customer service we provide to you, our clients. We’ve worked harder and with more compassion than other home care providers for years and that’s what sets us apart. Our clients are always our biggest evangelists, and we are proud to share their testimonials.

Hear from Our Clients
A few words from our satisfied clients

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful service that Divine Home Care California has provided my mother. I found Divine Home Care from a recommendation that San Leandro with Hospital provided me. I would like to compliment Linda whom Divine Home Care supplied for 24 hour a day care.

Linda was wonderful with my mom and took very good care of her. I found Divine Home Care from a recommendation that ******** Hospital provided me. Linda was always available for me to ask questions of and let me know if my mom was in need of anything.

Thank you so much for your services


Carla G.

It was a pleasure having Celine Medina as my caregiver. She was thorough in carrying out her duties and sometimes anticipating what I would want. She was very clean and practiced good hygiene at all times.

Celine is a pleasant and dependable person, and she is extremely accommodating. I highly recommend Celine as a caregiver.


Mary D.

On behalf of my family, I want to extend our gratitude for the wonderful treatment my mother, *********, received from the caregivers from Divine Home Care. The last few months of my mother’s life were very difficult for our family; however, we were comforted in knowing that she received excellent care. My mother said that God had sent angels to care for her. Those angels were Brigitte, Susan, and Helen. In the short time Brigitte, Susan and Helen were with us, they became like extended family. The day my mother died, they all came to visit, pay their respects and share their experiences in caring for my mom. Their visits meant so much to all of us.

In addition to the wonderful care given by Brigitte, Susan and Helen, we also appreciate the kindness, assistance and professionalism we have received from you and your office staff. When we first interviewed you, we asked you for references. We hope that you will now use us a reference, should the need arise.

God bless you and your Quality caregivers for the wonderful service you provide.


Joy B.

During the months of June and July, Cecilia Sedillo, Zenaida Advincula and Corazon Tabangcura rotated in caring for my father *********** and were especially caring, thoughtful and respectful. I want you to know that fortunately his condition has improved dramatically and will no longer need to have the home care service you provide.

Yours Truly,

Dennis S.

Although Elizabeth worked for us for a short time, my sisters and I are grateful to have known her. She took excellent care of our mother and our home as my mom’s health declined. It is an exceptional person who can perform the tasks required for an ailing and, ultimately, dying person. She was compassionate and caring to every one of us. We were especially fond of her cooking, her smile, and her scrabble skills.

We were also pleased with the professional and personal care we received from Robbin and Mary Ann at Divine Home Care. Please feel free to contact me via telephone or email if you have any questions.


Barry F.

Just to let you know, Jeanette takes wonderful care of my father.
Yours Truly,


Marrieta and Ronnie are by far the best caregivers that are helping me care for my wife. They both perform their tasks very well. Each day they come they go about their job professionally. I regard them as part of my family and gives me the peace of mind when I have to go away to attend to my other errands. They definitely earned my trust.

Thank you sincerely

Bayani (Husband of Rosita)

Jasmin is caring, nurturing, exceptional and wonderful. We don’t want to lose her. We are thankful that our agency has a good reputation, sending qualified and incredible caregivers.


As Robert’s primary caregiver, the first thought that comes to mind whenever Ron shows up to help is “safe”. Whether Ron is taking Bob to an appointment or staying with him while I go to one, I don’t have to worry with handing Bob over to Ron’s care. Bob would also like to add, It’s nice being with another gut for a while. So a big thanks goes out to Ron from both of us we would be lost without him.

Thank you so much again

Marguerite (Wife of Robert)

We are happy to have had wonderful caregivers, Arlyn has been with us the longest with her great sense of humor, energy, patience she works very hard with my husband not giving up on him. It is so nice to hear him laugh and try to sing along with Arlyn. She is a big help to me too. We truly appreciate all she does for us.

Joe and Verna

Elise is a wonderful caregiver, kind, smart a great memory for what I have to get done each week, a good driver and fun companion. I’m lucky to have her.
Thank you


Erwin is a fine person and extraordinary good caregiver. He cares for the sick and frail elderly as though they were his own family. He’s also perpetually cheerful and happy, boosting the spirits of everyone around him. Erwin is an angel.


Irma has cared for my mom for 3yrs. She has a loving heart and treats and cares for mom as if she were her own mother. She is patient, nurturing and this innate ability to anticipate moms needs. She is lucky at cards and easy to talk to. She is always smiling and happy.

Kathy (Daughter of Lillian)

Diane is always cheerful and takes good care of my mother. My mother is always happy to see her.

Beverly (Daughter of Marie)

To whom it may concern:

Sonia of Divine Home Care has been providing weekend in-home care to my 87-year-old mother since February of this year. We are very pleased with Sonia. She has shown herself to be very caring and considerate of my mother.

My mother is a very independent woman, who resists those that may intrude on her space and her sense of freedom. Because of her health needs, she must now relay on others to care for her. Sonia is very aware of my mother’s boundaries, and is able to give my mother needed oversight without being intrusive.

Sonia is also very good at communicating with us. She lets us know every day how things are going and if there are any issues that she thinks we should know about. That line of communication gives us complete confidence that Sonia is being attentive to my mother’s needs.

Sonia is very reliable and responsible caregiver. We think very highly of her.

My wife, Margaret, and I would be pleased to answer questions about my family’s experience with Sonia.



We are writing on behalf of our parents, Robert and Virginia Ferdinand. In September, our mom fell and it became apparent that at the age of 89 and 91, that our parents were not able to continue to live independently. They have been married for 62 years and have been in the same house for over 60 years. The thought of moving them to an assisted living facility was not an option. As we discussed the next step with the hospital social workers, doctors and physical therapists, we decided to begin with 20 hours a week of home care and equip the home with a medical alert system. We sought advice from friends, health care providers and social workers. One name kept coming up. Divine Home Care was in everyone’s “Top Three”. After an interview in the home, we decided to contract Divine. The second employee who was interviewed by my parents was Theresa. My mom looked over to us after meeting Theresa and said, “She is the one”.

We have just returned home after spending a few days with our parents. Theresa has become one of the family. Not only does she keep the home exceptionally clean, she has built a relationship with our parents that is beyond what we could have hoped for.

We asked our parents to share their thoughts: “Theresa is a very responsible person. She knows her duties and completes them with very little supervision. She has become a “part of the family”.

One cannot purchase “Peace of Mind”, but in essence, that is what we did. When we hired Theresa, her care and relationship with parents has given us just that. It is our privilege to recommend Theresa to be recognized as someone who goes above and beyond. Her kind words, thoughtful care and positive countenance have made a difference in the lives of our parents.

Jim, Kathy and Carol