Split shift

What is split shift care?

Split shift care is very similar to hourly Home care where a DHC caregiver provides care in their home for 2 different shifts in one day. This shift is for clients that may need help during certain times of the day such as lunchtime hours and evening/nighttime. The most popular combination of split shifts usually includes our rise & shine care and tuck-in care, which allows the client to have support during their morning and evening hours.

Is Home Care for Me?
Split shift caregivers assist our clients with daily activities, allowing them to maintain their normal routines. Our care team will assist with daily living activities including bathing, personal grooming, dressing, meal preparation, incontinence care, assistance with medication and much more.

Split shift care can be provided on a short-term basis or continual schedules, which include shifts ranging from 3 hours up to 5 hours per shift in duration.

Sometimes a client may have improvement in health, and they choose split shift care to replace a longer hourly care shift (ie: 8-12 hours). Another situation in which a client may use split shift care is when a client may be experiencing an increase in health issues, which requires more than their current short shift (ie: only rise & shine care).