What is DHC transportation?

DHC provides multiple non-medical transportation options to fit our clients’ needs. The two most common types of transportation are:

(1) transportation on an as needed basis

(2) transportation on an ongoing basis

(3) transportation provided by an hourly caregiver.

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(1) Transportation on an as-needed basis: Transportation that is scheduled directly with our Staffing Coordinators for unique, one-time instances. (ie: annual doctors appointment, emergency dental visit, etc)

(2) Transportation on an ongoing basis: Transportation that is scheduled as a repeat transport on a continuous schedule. (ie: daily dialysis appointments, weekly grocery shopping, etc)

(3) Transportation provided by an hourly caregiver: Transportation provided by an hourly care giver is a service in which your care is combined with transportation to make it easy for an active/busy client to attend their scheduled events. In this instance, your caregiver is the one providing the transportation.

DHC can also assist in coordinating medical transport, which includes wheelchair and gurney transports for those that are unable to access standard vehicles easily. Click here to contact one of our Community Liaisons today for more information on DHC transportation services