Hospice Support Care

What is In-home Hospice Support Care?

Hospice support care can be defined as home care that works hand in hand with the Hospice provider and family of the client. In-Home Hospice Care typically focuses on the seriously ill patient and managing their pain and symptoms while also attending to their emotional and spiritual needs. DHC’s Hospice Support Caregivers allow the family to spend quality time with their loved ones, freeing them from the actual care duties. This way, families can be there to provide emotional support and focus on their personal relationship with the client.


Is Home Care for Me?
Hospice care of California

Hospice support care can be either hourly or live-in, depending on the current needs of the client and family. The care provided by DHC Hospice supportcaregivers can include assisting with daily care and keeping the patient comfortable. Our care team will assist with daily living activities including bathing, personal grooming, dressing, meal preparation, incontinence care, assistance with medication and much more.

Our Community Liaisons work directly with many Hospice providers in the community and are familiar with the needs of clients that are receiving Hospice care. If you are unsure if you need extra care or assistance during what can be an emotional and stressful time, please feel free to call DHC.

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