You may be wondering if home care is right for you or your loved one. If your loved one is having trouble with daily activities, basic housekeeping, is recovering from surgery or needs full time care, Divine Home Care may be right for you. Our clients deal with many different ailments ranging from Diabetes, Heart Disease, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and many other physical or mental diagnosis. How do you know if Home Care is right for you?

Educate Yourself
  • Hourly Care

What is hourly care? Hourly home care can be provided on a daily or as needed basis. DHC caregivers assist our clients with daily activities, allowing them to maintain their normal routines. Our care team will assist with daily living activities including bathing,... Read More

  • 24-Hour Extended Care

What is 24-Hour Extended Care? 24 Hour Home Care by Caring Divine Home Caregiver! We offer a variety of options to provide 24 hour care in order to provide peace of mind when a client may want or require more extended care. Call to discuss which customized schedules... Read More

  • Respite Care

What is Respite Care? Respite care is a short-term accommodation that provides temporary relief to those who are caring for their family members. Respite care allows limited breaks for family and unpaid caregivers, giving them time for personal care (appointments,... Read More

  • Hospice Support Care

What is In-home Hospice Support Care? Hospice support care can be defined as home care that works hand in hand with the Hospice provider and family of the client. In-Home Hospice Care typically focuses on the seriously ill patient and managing their pain and symptoms while... Read More

  • Sitter Care

What is sitter care? Sitter care is hourly Home care in which a DHC caregiver provides additional, non-medical care for your loved one while they are in a hospital or facility environment. This type of care may be fitting for a client that is experiencing high tendencies... Read More

  • Surgery Recovery Care

What is Surgery Recovery Care? Surgery Recovery Care can be provided on short-term or on-going basis. DHC caregivers will assist clients with the transition back home as well as reestablishing independence after a surgical procedure. Our caregivers will aid with daily... Read More

  • Cleaning Services/Home Preparation

What cleaning service or home preparation mean? There may be a time when you or your loved one are going home from the hospital or facility and haven’t had time to clean or prepare the home for your return. Divine Home Care California can organize and schedule the... Read More

  • Weekly Online Grocery Shopping

What does weekly online grocery shopping entail? DHC offers a weekly online shopping service to our clients. This service would be appropriate for someone who cant get to the grocery store on their own or with the assistance of a caregiver but still wants the convenience... Read More

  • Transportation

What is DHC transportation? DHC provides multiple non-medical transportation options to fit our clients’ needs. The two most common types of transportation are: (1) transportation on an as needed basis (2) transportation on an ongoing basis (3) transportation... Read More

  • Spa Day Services at Home

Whether you are a DHC client who uses DHC care services or not, we provide a re-occurring spa appointment at your home that can include hair, nail or general beauty care. This service can be customized to your specific wants or needs, so please call us today to find out... Read More