Recovering at Home from Heart Disease
October 15, 2015

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer for women and men in all ethnic groups. Every day, millions of survivors face recovery after heart surgery or after a serious cardiac event. Having the best Foster City home care assistance can make this recovery go more smoothly or can provide ongoing, sustained care in the case of chronic disease.

Understanding Heart Problems

Many heart conditions are grouped together under the term heart disease. One major illness is coronary artery disease, caused by narrowing of the blood vessels pumping oxygen and blood to the heart. Once coronary artery disease is detected, it can often be slowed or even reversed by lifestyle improvements.

Advanced congestive heart failure (CHF) is the most serious form of heart disease. Heart failure can be caused by blocked blood vessels that keep the heart from pumping enough blood for bodily needs. It is possible to recover from CHF, but these patients are typically seriously ill and the recovery period can be very long. They may experience recovery plateaus, where they don’t seem to be improving, and there is a chance that they’re never return to full functionality.

Treating Heart Disease

Foster City home care caregivers can be a great help for someone with advanced CHF. They can help prepare a client’s home for their return after a hospital stay. Patients may need a hospital bed, special equipment or may need furniture rearranged.

A caregiver can remind an elderly heart care patient to take their medications and help to schedule follow-up doctors’ visits. Private duty home care can also help with certain incision care to reduce the danger of infections. The support of a home health nurse can teach a client how to monitor his/her health condition and spot potential problems. Understanding and responding proactively to physical symptoms can prevent a serious relapse and decrease the chance of serious illness, which caregivers can assist in monitoring.

Heart disease home care providers can offer help with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, and cooking meals. They can also help with housekeeping and with errands like grocery shopping and getting prescriptions filled.

Best of all, they can provide motivation for developing new routines and habits. Treating heart disease often requires major dietary changes, which can be intimidating.  Having a caregiver plan and cook healthy meals can help your loved stay motivated to make the changes they’ll need to have a better quality of life.

Heart disease is a serious issue that must be treated immediately when detected. Coronary diseases are a leading cause of death in Western countries. But if heart disease is detected early and cared for diligently, chances of an extended and quality lifestylrise quite a bit. With the right type of Foster City home care and support, your loved one will maintain his or her independence and quality of life while working to improve his or her health.