Home Hospice Care: The Compassionate Choice
October 15, 2015

For seriously ill patients, elder care services in Alameda can provide in home hospice care support, as a way of helping seniors needing end of life care, live with as much comfort and dignity as possible.  This allows your loved one to be surrounded by family and friends in a non-clinical environment, and at home.  Most families and patients find this to be greatly preferable to spending one’s final days in a nursing home or hospital.  Senior Care Alameda can support this wish of being at home.

Choosing Home

When a patient becomes too ill to respond to treatment or is too elderly to for invasive medical procedures, there is no reason for that person to remain in a medical facility.  If they are healthy enough to travel and are coherent and aware of their environment, letting them return home is the most compassionate way to face end of life care.

This is not so simple for the family and friends who will become the principal caregivers. Odds are that your loved one will need more and more help and will eventually require 24 hour home care, as well as hospice care, as their physical well-being declines.

If the choices and responsibilities seem overwhelming, just stay focused on the goal of providing your loved one with a comfortable, loving environment. If things start to seem chaotic, remember that this is all temporary and that you’re making the best choice possible given the situation.

You’re Not Alone

An elder care Alameda agency can assist with planning the details needed to make in home hospice care possible. To start, they can help you choose and order the supplies you’ll need to make the stay manageable and as easy as possible. Such items can include an oxygen tank, wheelchair, walker or hospital bed, a shower chair, portable commode or dialysis equipment, and various other items depending on illness and ailments.

Taking care of a loved one at home can seem very daunting, but with the right senior care Alameda services you’ll have as much help as you need. You may start with an in-home caregiver for a few hours a day. Caregivers can help with personal care such as feeding, dressing, bathing and can run errands and help with housekeeping. As the illness progresses, you’ll probably find you require more assistance. Elder care services Alameda can provide around the clock (24-hour) care for patients, and are there in case of medical emergencies as well as to help with trips to the bathroom.

Hospice care at home is not an easy choice, and it will certainly present challenges emotional, physical, and logistical. However, this is a choice you’ll never regret.  It’s a chance to give back to someone who means so much to you by making his or her end of life experience as comfortable and humane as it can be. Ultimately, the hospice experience will bring you and your loved one a sense of peace.