Hiring In-Home Help for Post-Surgery Care
October 15, 2015

If you or someone you love needs to have major surgery, it’s never too early to start planning for the surgery recovery care regimen after returning home from the hospital.  No matter what your age, you’ll likely experience a recovery period until you’re back to full strength, and you may need help with daily living functions.

Help for Yourself

The key to a successful at-home recovery is getting the right kind of help from a home care agency in Hayward.  You may have trouble getting in and out of bed, and movement may cause pain. Having someone to help you use a walker or get in and out of a wheelchair can help you regain your mobility much quicker and easier. Post surgical exercise helps patients recover faster, regain limb mobility, and reduce the likelihood of depression and stress.

You can also receive help from a Hayward caregiver with meal preparation and with errands. Knowing that you have help getting to medical appointments, picking up prescriptions, and other tasks that are part of your recovery can put your mind at ease. Home care resources can even provide some help for housekeeping and laundry so that you maintain a pleasant and hygienic recovery environment.

This means that when friends and family come over to check on you, you can enjoy their company without requiring their help. This sense of independence can make all the difference if you are facing a period or recovery, especially and extended one.

Help for an Elderly Loved One

For elderly patients, post-surgery recovery care can take an extended period or time and require extensive physical rehabilitation. There’s no reason they cannot come home during this recovery process. In fact, studies show that patients are happier and tend to heal faster when they are recovering in their homes as opposed to a hospital.

Home care services in Hayward can assist with medication and make sure that a post-surgical diet is adhered to.  Aides can also help with bathing and certain incision care (incisions should be visually inspected every day to look for warning signs of infection to help prevent infection).

Many conditions, such as heart surgery, require a special post-operation diet. A Hayward caregiver can help with shopping and prepare meals to help senior patients stick to the new diet and ensure the formation of specific eating habits.

If you are concerned about an elderly loved one spending time alone after an operation, you can hire someone to be present around the clock until the danger period has passed. A home caregiver can help with going to the bathroom or the need for pain medication during the night time hours.

A hired companion can also keep your loved one company and provide them with motivation to do required exercises. Usually, physical therapists prescribe daily exercises to be done between appointments to help patients regain strength and flexibility. Having someone to encourage, motivate, and provide accountability can be very important.