San Leandro

At Divine Home Care we incorporate the points of our mission into every choice we make, every interaction we have and every client we assist.Our purpose is to assist you to live YOUR life,

YOUR way in YOUR home.

San Leandro
San Leandro

San Leandro

For care giving the sick and elderly at San Leandro there is no substitute for Divine Home Care. For us care giving is not only a service but a way of life. Divine Home Care San Leandro is equally into care giving of patients and taking overall care of homes. We care to serve the ailing, the elderly, and the lonely. Depending upon situation we offer services round the clock or part of day. It is our commitment to keep the ailing jovial, and spirited.

Our services are not limited to offering food and medicines at prescribed times but also running errands or completing household chores. We are dedicated to maintaining a positive environment at home so that the feeling of wantonness never arises in the mind of patients and the lonely. It is equally important for us to create a cheerful and positive environment in your home as it is to get a patient fully recovered from a disease.

Sufferings could be for limited periods as in the case of surgical recoveries or long term as in the case of dementia. The latter is most observed in cases of the aged. We have developed specialized senior home care San Leandro services for elderly citizens of this city. with us around there is no need for the seniors to feel lonely at home when they are sick or indisposed.
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