Choosing a Senior Care Provider
October 15, 2015

As we age, many of us may face the need for non-medical assistance to make daily life easier. Hiring non-medical, in-home help from home care agencies in Alameda can let seniors enjoy the comforts of home for as long as possible, even if they need assistance with their daily routines. Caregivers can help with daily bathing, dressing, and eating routines and with transportation for medical appointments or other regular visits.

If someone you love could benefit from a home care Alameda provider, how do you go about choosing the best home care agency? Here are some tips that can help you choose the home care structure that’s right for you.

Make an Honest “Assessment” or Plan of Care

The first and most important step is an accurate evaluation of the extent of care your loved one will require. Areas can include:

  • Daily morning and evening care: help with daily routines such as dressing and bathing
  • Home preparation: getting the home ready for a patient’s return after surgery or helping rearrange the house to accommodate an injury or disability
  • Grocery shopping: weekly online food ordering and delivery
  • Transportation: Transport to medical and other appointments
  • Care Management: a care manager that is a liaison between family, medical professionals and the patient, as needed or ongoing

Are you looking for someone who will act mainly as companion for your senior, or do you need more intensive personal care such as dressing, bathing, and meal preparation?  If you need someone with more medical-related qualifications or experience, you may require an experienced caregiver or certified nursing assistant nurse as the home caregiver. Knowing your needs will make researching your care options easier.

Research Possibilities

Knowing where to look for a home caregiver is a big part of finding someone you trust. You first inclination may be to consider a friend or neighbour. But remember, this is a business transaction, and you want the ability to let that person go if they do not meet your needs in reliability, skill or compatibility. For this reason, working with close friends or family members is often not recommended.

There are multiple home care agencies in Alameda County available to choose from. Working with an agency can provide a wider range of services than an individual and can give you peace of mind. So how do you determine your best option?

Look at the hiring practices of the agencies you are considering. Ask about the types of background checks and vetting they do for their employees. They should have a criminal background check and a thorough personal history check. The agency should be bonded and professionally insured to protect your and your loved one from any liability.

Ask for client references and check them carefully. You want assurance that the agency caregivers are professional, friendly and that communication with family members is ongoing and transparent.

Ongoing Check-up

Once you’ve chosen an Alameda home care agency, schedule a regular check-in to monitor the quality of care. When possible, ask your loved one if they feel comfortable and cared for and drop by occasionally to observe their interaction. Ask for regular updates and reports from the home care agency in Alameda, or whatever your location, to monitor your loved one’s progress.