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How to care for aging parents?

DHC understands the stresses of being a family caregiver. Caring for a loved one can be physically and emotionally draining, whether it is related to time, family dynamics, lack of a solid care plan or financial stressors. Some people feel guilt for not doing it all on their own, but to be a good caregiver you have to take care of yourself as well.

Let DHC Take Care of YOU and Your Loved One


It is common for family caregivers to feel like they have to do everything on their own. Many times you don't even have a moment to step back to and reflect on how chaotic or stressful your life has become. Sometimes it is enough just to recognize that you need a little help. Don't feel guilty. It's ok. It's completely normal.

"Family members providing care whom experience extreme levels of stress, can reduce life expectancy as much as 10 years"
("AARP 2003 Survey "These Four Walls")

Our caregivers specialized in Taking care of aging relatives. Contact us!

Divine Offers Multiple Care Options and Community Resources
Do these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Need a break? Even just a few hours to run errands?
    Try DHC’s Respite Care.

  • Is adding Hospice to your loved one’s care plan taking an emotional toll?
    Our Hospice Support Care can help.

  • Difficulty getting to work on time?
    DHC offers Rise & Shine Care for your loved one.

  • Is the nighttime care routine becoming too much to handle?
    Get to bed on time with our Tuck-in Care.

  • Need some extra help due to a procedure?
    Use our Surgery Recovery Care.

  • Does your loved one need extra attention while in a facility or hospital?
    Try DHC’s Sitter Care.

  • Is your loved one coming home and you’re strapped for time?
    DHC provides Cleaning Services & Home Preparation.

  • Don’t have a second to spare?
    Our Hourly or Live-In Care might be just what you need.

Confused about how to utilize other resources?

  • Need direction in using Medi-Cal or VA benefit planning
    Our DHC resources can help with Government Assistance Services.

  • Need to create a safe and healthy environment?
    Inquire about our Home & Safety Service resources.

  • Do you need additional care services but don’t know where to find them?
    Medical supplies, case management or even meal delivery services?
    DHC is happy to advise on Care-Related Services.

  • Don’t know where to turn for resources such as trusts, wills or long term care insurance?
    Ask about our Financial Planning Resources.